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Why do we need to implement a Workplace Wellbeing Culture & Strategy into our Organisation?

In our lives we daily face challenges of which a number of these increase our stress levels or can sometimes initiate triggers in our brain, which then lead to either positive or negative behaviours. This can have a varying degree of outcomes, some of which can be serious and distressful.

Each one of us handle matters in different ways, but deep down there will often come a point where our body cannot physically or mentally cope anymore and it is at this juncture when Mental Health Illness can start to prevail.

Therefore, it is fundamentally important that we take proactive & preventative intervention into our own Mental Health & Wellbeing, so to prevent latter trauma in a reactive situation.

Here are just some of the main statistics reported by The Mental Health Foundation:

  • Mental health problems are one of the main causes of the overall disease burden worldwide.
  • Mental health and behavioural problems (e.g. depression, anxiety and drug use) are reported to be the primary drivers of disability worldwide, causing over 40 million years of disability in 20 to 29-year-olds.
  • Major depression is thought to be the second leading cause of disability worldwide and a major contributor to the burden of suicide and ischemic heart disease.
  • It is estimated that 1 in 4 people in the past week experienced a common mental health problem

Therefore, one proactive immediate measure companies can take is investing in a “Workplace Wellbeing Solution”, as this will act as a business driver and lead to a significant reduction in costs & sickness absence rates to your business, whilst also supporting the most important element to any business, your "Employee’s Wellbeing"

This doesn't need to be seen as an additional cost to your business either, but one that enhances your Employees Personal Development, such as Positive Wellbeing, Leadership, Rapport Building, Communication Skills, Resilience Strengthening and Teamwork.

Let’s look at some of the key facts surrounding workplace mental health specifically for you:

  • 1 in 4 of us will suffer from some form of mental health problem during our lives.
  • Mental ill health costs UK employers £34.9 billion per year (MHFA England).
  • Absence Costs Businesses £554 per Employee Annually
  • Employees take an average of 5.3 days of sickness absence each year.
  • 50% of all employees have no sickness absence each year.
  • 5% of employees covered by the survey had been absent due to sickness for a continuous period of 4 weeks or more.

Source: Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development & a survey conducted by the EEF (Manufacturer's Association) on 61,705 employees nationwide

So, take action now. Learn how you can “Reduce your Organisations Operating Costs & Sickness Absence Rates and equally improve your Employees and Organisations Workplace Wellbeing”, by contacting us at or on 01772 305518 today.


Our Wellbeing In-House Training Courses

MHFA England First Aid, The Belief Programme & Suicide Prevention Training Solutions

We offer and deliver the following in-house training courses, workshops & seminars, directly into your workplace or community. These include our own bespoke Workplace Wellbeing Improvement Programme, which is an in-house package giving you full wellbeing advice, guidance, intervention & support, which will substantially reduce your HR costs and Employee Absence rates due to Mental Health related illnesses or problems


MHFA Training Courses - just click on the image for details

General overview of the MHFA Courses

MHFA England

Get a general overview of the range of MHFA Training Courses that are available to you, the contents of each course and the benefits to you and/or your organisation. All our team are accredited & qualified MHFA England National Trainers or Instructors.

Mental Health Aware (1/2 Day Course)

Mental Health Aware

An introductory mental health awareness course, 4 hours for groups of 8 - 25 people. 

At the end of it you are “Mental Health Aware.”

Mental Health Champion (1 Day Course)

Mental Health Champion

Aimed at the time-poor, works well in business situations, ideally groups of 8 – 16 people. This course makes you a “Mental Health Champion.”

Mental Health First Aider (2 Day Course)

Mental Health First Aider

Ideally groups of 8 -16 people. You may call yourself a “Mental Health First Aider” afterwards.

Adult Refresher Course (1/2 Day)


A one half-day, if you did the two-day or one-day course three or more years ago this is your skills and knowledge refresher. Groups of 8-16 people.

Suicide Prevention Training Solutions

suicideTALK Awareness Course - 90 mins


ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) Workshop - 2 Days


ASK (Assessing Suicide Risk in Kids) Workshop - 1 Day