The Belief Programme - 1 Day

Only £995 (additional expenses maybe incurred, confirmed on enquiry)

Course Overview

The Belief Programme is a tailored, interactive course that allows participants the space, time and tools to explore what limiting beliefs they are holding onto, that are preventing them from reaching their full potential. Through interactive group work we explore how to utilise their own inner resources in order to identify and achieve their goals and how to sustain positive changes. Through use of video, group work, discussion, activities, we ensure all learning styles are met.

The course is delivered by two experienced and qualified facilitators; this is to ensure any participants needing additional learning or emotional support, can receive it.


Benefits of attending the Belief Programme 

  • Improved personal and professional performance 
  • A greater understanding of the conscious and sub-conscious mind and the impact this has on all aspects of life
  • Awareness of the power of own self-talk and potential limiting beliefs 
  • Development of skills to explore inner resources and how to identify strengths and      positive qualities in order, to build resilience
  • Expand comfort zones and manage change to promote personal growth & improve performance
  • Create inner drive, self-motivation and energy to pursue desired outcomes
  • Ability to set clear personal and professional goals to achieve success

Learning outcomes:

  • To gain an understanding of the power of self-belief and the impact this can have on personal performance and success
  • To develop an awareness of how the mind works and how this can impact on habits, attitudes and beliefs 
  • Identifying limiting beliefs and establish ways to overcome these barriers, using the power of positive self-talk, to increase confidence & self-esteem levels
  • To gain an understanding /appreciation of the value of motivation 
  • Explore the power of end-result thinking and visualisation
  • Develop skills for forward thinking, goal-setting and positive-affirmations