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Welcome to Enduring Mental Health Organisation

Welcome to Enduring Mental Health Organisation

Welcome to Enduring Mental Health OrganisationWelcome to Enduring Mental Health Organisation

Legal Analyst Services

Legal Analysis of The Problem

It is a predictable fact that a continuous bad habit will escalate into a way of living that can become thoroughly destructive. It is also an accurate prediction that a lot of people who are on the path of descent with alcohol and addiction problems become a statistic in the offices of a decision making organisation such as the offices or courts dealing with NHS, DWP, the divorce court, child custody  court, bankruptcy court, business disputes mortgage and other creditors court, Magistrates court or DVLA ( usually with driving issues) or even the Crown Court if a once honest attitude turns to the darker side of a distorted and dishonest attitude to meet financial ends created by an expensive and addictive behaviour.

The key point is that such a person will not be a part of the decision making process of those bodies referred to above; unwelcome decisions will be made for the person concerned without them being part of that decision making process. These factors then become an obstacle to recovering from the very reason for their creation.

Very often people who receive official correspondence from the organisations referred to above will be reluctant to open the correspondence. Leaving it unanswered will only deepen their predicament as the bureaucratic process continues to reach a life changing conclusion for the person concerned. 

We can advise upon all of these issues to arrest and contain the obstacles described above, analyse the relevant legal issues and ghost write any correspondence necessary to any organisation whatsoever so you can overcome your reluctance to do so yourself. However our aim is that the above situations are avoided if possible. 

To find out more on how we can help you, contact us at info@enduringmentalhealth.org.uk and we will get out Legal Analyst to contact you.