Proactive Educational Wellbeing - An Early Intervention Plan

Welcome to our Educational Wellbeing Centre

At Enduring Mental Health Organisation we offer a variety of services to Secondary Schools & Colleges across Lancashire, of which we give a  free consultation at the onset, to see how the needs of your establishment can best be supported regarding Mental  Health & Wellbeing Provision.

Since the publication of the Green Paper: “Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision”, there has been increased pressure placed on schools to support pupils’ mental health.  Although government is going to assist schools in doing  this, these changes will take place gradually and resources will only begin to reach a proportion of schools by 2021.  It will therefore take time before effective mental health provision becomes available for young people.  In the meantime, individual establishments  are left facing the crisis in young people’s mental health with little guidance and support. 

Teachers are not Mental Health Professionals, yet they are increasingly being faced with having to support pupils experiencing mental health problems. Education staff need to be equipped with the skills and confidence to be able to speak with young  people about their mental health. We have a comprehensive “1 Stop" Mental Health & Wellbeing Self-Care Resource Hub, which you can subscribe to, extensively covering 15 topic areas having over 160+ publications within it, which is continuously evolving.

There are numerous ways Enduring Mental Health Organisation can support Secondary Schools and Colleges, which include, but are not limited to: 

  • Audit 
  • Survey Analysis & Reporting
  • Pastoral Staff Training
  • MHFA England Youth Training Courses

The free consultation offered allows for the discussion of how the Mental Health Support provided can be tailored to your school. A full audit will be completed to establish the needs of the school, with bespoke training provided based on the analysis.

To book your initial FREE CONSULTATION, contact us at