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The Corporate Wellbeing Services we offer

The importance of Workplace Wellbeing is our commitment

Workplace Wellbeing Improvement Programme


  • Cost & Employee Sickness Absence Reduction Strategy
  • On-site Qualified Therapist (frequency as client requires)
  • Drop-in Mental Health & Wellbeing Clinic on-site
  • Mental Health Workshops for Line Managers & Staff
  • Group & Individual Workshops to suit client needs
  • Inter-Company Employee Referral Service (Strictly Confidential)
  • Quarterly reports of service satisfactions and topic discussions
  • Optional on-site Counsellor/Practitioner for 1:1 or Group sessions
  • Referral to EMHO’s Wellbeing Centre “1 Stop” Knowledge & Resource Hub as part of the Individual or Group’s Self-Therapy Programme.

You can find further details on the attached flyer and at our website by clicking here

 My Wellbeing Centre Membership

This is a “1 Stop Knowledge & Resource Hub”, extensively covering 10 topic areas having over 135 publications.

All the publications within the hub are accredited by a another professional organisation or body, or compiled by one of our own qualified mental health professionals, whose credentials can be viewed by clicking here

The financial advice and information are from the Government's Money Advice Service, whom we are a Licensed Partner with.

This hub will continuously evolve as more information is available or requested. We offer this membership at just £1.99 per month per person, but for businesses we will offer a bespoke price, depending on the number of users required. 

This is an ideal Work Perk companies could give to their employees, so they have their own personal access to an array of mental health & wellbeing information without any signposting. Contact us at info@enduringmentalhealth.org.uk to get your corporate pricing today,

Counselling & Coaching Services

We offer Face to Face (various locations) plus Telephone & Video Call Counselling & Coaching Services, designed to complement your existing EAP Services & Support Programme, as well as enhancing your Occupational Health function, within our organisation. Contact us at info@enduringmentalhealth.org.uk for further details.

Workplace Wellbeing Merchandise Sponsor

We are looking for a Corporate Sponsor to fund our Wellbeing Notepad & Pen, where we can educate and spread the word of our "5 Ways of Wellbeing". Obviously, the sponsor will have their company logo and contact information on it. Each The note pad will have an inspiring and quality design, to encourage positive wellbeing in the workplace.

Contact us at info@enduringmentalhealth.org.uk for further details.

MHFA England Training Courses

We are now delivering the 1/2 day Mental Health Awareness Course and the 2 day First Aid Course, from MHFA England, of which you can find further details on the attached flyer and at our website by clicking here


Living Works Suicide Prevention Training Solutions

We are now delivering the 90 min suicideTALK course, the 2 day ASIST Workshop and the 1 day ASK Workshop , from Living Works, of which you can find further details on the attached flyer and at our website by clicking here

Highlighting Your Organisations 'Wellbeing Culture”

This is an “across the organisation” assessment of where your culture for wellbeing sits, that comes from the feedback and examples given by your own staff. 

The sessions are carried out in an objective way by an external impartial and qualified expert, e.g. Occupational Psychologist, who can ensure the discussions generated are followed up in others, to allow for a strength of feeling to be established. 

The feedback sessions will allow you to make more prudent decisions on where to allocate your resources, e.g. professional development & training, operations, organisational structure, job remits, head count & recruitment etc., as they are based your own staff beliefs and expectations.

Contact us at info@enduringmentalhealth.org.uk for further details.

The Belief Programme

The Belief Programme is a tailored, interactive course that allows participants the space, time and tools to explore what limiting beliefs they are holding onto, that are preventing them from reaching their full potential. Through interactive group work we explore how to utilise their own inner resources in order to identify and achieve their goals and how to sustain positive changes. Through use of video, group work, discussion, activities, we ensure all learning styles are met.

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