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Welcome to Enduring Mental Health Organisation

Welcome to Enduring Mental Health Organisation

Welcome to Enduring Mental Health OrganisationWelcome to Enduring Mental Health Organisation

Our Corporate Wellbeing Wheel

Unsure of your Organisation's Development & Training needs?

Take a look at the Corporate Wellbeing Services we offer below and consult us today to get the best Workplace Wellbeing Solution for your Organisation.

Here at EMHO we follow and adhere to the World Health Organisations’s Keys to Healthy Workplaces’,  through our stakeholders, which are:

  • Key 1: Leadership commitment and engagement 
  • Key 2: Involve workers and their representatives 
  • Key 3: Business ethics and legality
  • Key 4: Use a systematic, comprehensive process to ensure effectiveness and continual improvement 
  • Key 5: Sustainability and integration 


Corporate Wellbeing

Our Workplace Wellbeing Improvement Programme

10 Reasons why your Organisation should create a business driver & invest in our Workplace Wellbeing Investment Programme…

  1. Build and Help Sustain High Employee Morale
  2. Decrease Absenteeism
  3. Help Improve Employee Recruitment and Retention
  4. Improve Employee Health Behaviours
  5. Improve Productivity
  6. Improved Inter-Company Working Relationships
  7. Reduce Elevated Health Risks
  8. Reduce Health Care Costs
  9. Reduce Operating Costs
  10. Reduced Stress Levels

To find out more information about the programme, please click here

We also offer "In-House Wellbeing Days" delivered by our qualified Mental Health Professionals. These can be tailored to suit your specific organisational needs. To find out more, contact us at info@enduringmentalhealth.org.uk


Some more of the products, services and solutions we offer

My Wellbeing Centre 

This is a “1 Stop" Mental Health & Wellbeing Self-Care Resource Hub, extensively covering 15 topic areas having over 160+ publications.

All the publications within the hub are accredited by a professional organisation or body, or compiled by one of our own accredited & qualified Mental Health Team, whose credentials can be viewed by clicking here

The financial advice and information are from the Government's Money Advice Service, whom we are a Licensed Partner with.

This hub will continuously evolve as more information is available or requested. We offer this membership at just £1.99 per month per person, but for businesses we will offer a bespoke price, depending on the number of users required. 

This is an ideal Work Perk companies could give to their employees, so they have their own personal access to an array of mental health & wellbeing information without any signposting. 

To find out more and subscribe today, please click HERE

Counselling & Coaching Services

We offer Face to Face (various locations) plus Telephone & Video Call Counselling & Coaching Services, designed to complement your existing EAP Services & Support Programme, as well as enhancing your Occupational Health function, within our organisation. 

Workplace Wellbeing Merchandise Sponsor

We are looking for a Corporate Sponsor to fund our Wellbeing Notepad & Pen, where we can educate and spread the word of our "5 Ways of Wellbeing". Obviously, the sponsor will have their company logo and contact information on it. Each The note pad will have an inspiring and quality design, to encourage positive wellbeing in the workplace.

MHFA England Training Courses

We deliver the 1/2 day Mental Health Aware Course, the 1 Day Mental Health Champion Course,  the 2 day First Aider Course and the 1/2 Adult Refresher Course, of which you can find further details on the attached flyer and at our website by clicking here

We can deliver these across the whole of England, with our 25 MHFA England National Trainers/Instructors, we have contracted with us.


Living Works Suicide Prevention Training Solutions

We are now delivering the 90 min suicideTALK course, the 2 day ASIST Workshop and the 1 day ASK Workshop , from Living Works, of which you can find further details on the attached flyer and at our website by clicking here

Health & Safety Wellbeing

We offer a range of solutions to you business, in conjunction with our Health & Safety Partner, not limited to:

  • Consultancy
  • Competent Adviser
  • Audit and Inspections
  • Risk Assessment
  • In-House Training

In-House Wellbeing Workshops

We offer a range of professional bespoke workshops all of which have been written by our own accredited and qualified Psychologists & Mental Health Practitioners, as belo. 

These can be delivered in-house or via video conferencing/webinars etc.

Durations are:

One 1 Hour Workshop

1/2 Day (One 3 1/2 Hour Workshop)

1 Day (Two 3/12 Hour Workshops)

Stress in the workplace: Coping together

We work together to look at the common causes of stress within the workplace, how to prevent certain stressors and manage mental health symptoms resultant of this. By identifying causes of stress and anxiety, we will be able to challenge unhelpful thinking  patterns and put positive strategies in place.

Psychoeducation of Depression and Anxiety

This workshop would aim to develop an understanding and awareness of Depression and Anxiety. This workshop would facilitate the development of knowledge surrounding symptoms, signs and speaking out. We aim to educate individuals about their thoughts,  feelings and behaviours, and provide the tools to help manage their symptoms. We will provide further information on who to talk to (relevant to each workplace) and the support that may be available. All employees will have inclusive access to a large, diverse  knowledge hub of over 160+ publications in our online ‘My Wellbeing Centre’ and there is further scope for individualised research to be undertaken in order to scope out predominant themes and presentations within workplaces.


Mindfulness looks at techniques to help us be in the ‘here and now’, these techniques range from grounding techniques to ways of relaxing our muscles. We collaborate with our Health Psychologist  in developing techniques to better your wellbeing through your own efforts where ever you may be.

Looking after yourself: Self-esteem, confidence and assertiveness

In conjunction with techniques learnt with mindfulness, our workshop will aim to identify key issues and themes such as poor sleep hygiene and look to restructure your thought patterns  with Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). Other areas explored within these sessions are self-esteem, and confidence building using communication styles we help you develop.  

The “how” of work-life balance

It is normal for us to feel stressful and overwhelmed by work and life circumstances. This workshop helps you to learn how to manage your time, emotions and energy to keep the optimum balance of good work & good life.

Creating positive habits for your Wellbeing 

If you want to be more in control of your life, how you feel and how you react to life situations, changing your habits is one of the factors you CAN control.

This workshop shows you through the ways of creating supportive habits for your wellbeing, positive feelings and happiness. 

All workshops are fully compliant with BPS and NICE guidelines and are delivered by one of our own qualified Psychologists or Mental Health Practitioners.

Contact us at info@enduringmentalhealth.org.uk for further details on any of the above and we can discuss your organisational needs further, as we can also bespoke a workshop to your specific needs.



Our Corporate Management Consulting Services...COMING SOON