Your "1 Stop" Mental Health Care Service & Solution Provider

Your "1 Stop" Mental Health Care Service & Solution Provider

Your "1 Stop" Mental Health Care Service & Solution ProviderYour "1 Stop" Mental Health Care Service & Solution ProviderYour "1 Stop" Mental Health Care Service & Solution Provider
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Here at Enduring Mental Health Organisation we provide professional services & solutions to increase the awareness, education and support of mental health and wellbeing into both the corporate & public sectors.

Take a look around to find out all about us and the scope of services and solutions we offer, but if you want to find out even more, then...


Our Men's Mental Health Charter 2020

2020 being the start of a new decade sees Enduring Mental Health Organisation launch its new Mental Health Charter, called "Shatter the Stigma".  

The Charter is an initiative to help and ask people to  demonstrate their commitment to raising awareness of Men's Mental Health, promoting understanding, lowering stigma and supporting others.  

It will run throughout the year and during this time we will periodically create posts, write articles, run podcasts, videos, webinars etc. in order to engage with both the corporate and public communities. 

A full dedicated website for the Charter will be included at the launch too.

We are looking forward to your active engagement and support please, which will be much appreciated.


Positive Workplace Wellbeing

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What makes us stand out in the crowd?

Our USP's


We offer a complete personal touch to all the Professional Services & Support, we offer in mental health support and well being.


We use a diverse approach to our clients, using a combination of Life Coaching, Personal Experience & Professional Wellbeing Therapies & Techniques.


We adapt our personal approach with a multicultural attitude, to ensure our clients receive our services and mental health support in the right way. 


People in today’s communities want a simplistic, but effective and professional support service. This is what our Organisation offers and will continuously deliver. When you are suffering or going through a dark moment, the last thing you need is complication.

Our Facebook Private Peer Support Group

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  • Want a Confidential Place to Talk?
  • Looking for support and advice or just people to chat with? 
  • Are you after guidance & information on your Mental Health problems?

EMHO'S Community Support Team Offers

  • A Confidential Community Forum where you can express and discuss your feelings, with like-minded people.
  • A Private Messaging Service.
  • Professional Guidance & Support.
  • Up to date Mental Health Information, free to download.
  • Regular Member Webinar’s where we will discuss relevant Mental Health Topics.